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About The Agency



The National Economic and Development Authority is the country’s premier socioeconomic planning body, highly regarded as the authority in macroeconomic forecasting and policy analysis and research. It provides high-level advice to policymakers in Congress and the Executive Branch. Its key responsibilities include:

  1. Coordination of activities such as the formulation of policies, plans, and programs to efficiently set the broad parameters for national and sub-national (area-wide, regional, and local development);
  2. Review, evaluation, and monitoring of infrastructure projects identified under the Comprehensive and Integrated Infrastructure Program consistent with the government’s thrust of increasing investment spending for the growing demand on quality infrastructure facilities; and
  3. Undertaking of short-term policy reviews to provide critical analyses of development issues and policy alternatives to decision-makers.




NEDA envisions the country where public and private sectors perform their respective roles efficiently, such that people have equal access to opportunities, resulting in inclusive development and zero poverty




NEDA’s mission is to formulate continuing, coordinated, and fully integrated socioeconomic policies, plans, and programs.




NEDA’s core values are Integrity, Professionalism, and Excellence.